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Best Things to Do in the City Get inspired by our Best-of-selection from all categories! We reveal the best hotspots so that you can get the most out of your stay. If you love nature, we recommend the Bavarian mountains tour or a Segway trip outdoors. Adventurers who like their holidays more exciting should join a treasure hunt or a suspenseful crime tour. The glamorous ones could experience the Swarovski private tour or feel like celebrities on an exclusive ride in a limousine. Party animals can rock out at the party tour or explore the famous Reeperbahn. With our indoor tips there is no such thing as bad weather. Spend a rainy day in the salt mines with an underground lake ride or with a delicious beer tasting. Our categories offer something for everyone and will turn your city trip into a high light!

Hungry? Explore our restaurant recommendations which cover all nationalities. From traditional Bavarian food via Oriental kitchen through to Asian specialities, we cater for all tastes! Our categories meet every desire: burgers and pizza for the ones with a big appetite or snacks and salad for those of you who are on diet. If you like a drink with your dinner, check out the locations who offer the best wines, beers and cocktails. Dining in a restaurant is too boring for you? Then what about adding some spice to your meal by listening to a concert while eating? Or by having a Mexican dinner in a private home? If you are more of a sweet tooth, you could join a sweet tour and explore the cake and cafe culture.

Need an accommodation? Our recommended apartments and hotel rooms make tourists and business travellers feel like at home. Due to the good infrastructure and transport possibilities around the hotels, it is easy to explore the city. Even long-term stays prove absolutely comfortable with our tips.